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Why do we need to keep track of IoT technology in 2020?

The concept of "internet of things, IoT" became widely used when the number of devices connected to the network exceeded the number of their users. Today, the number of connected devices is several times higher than the population of the Earth and continues to grow, while interconnections between devices are becoming more complex.

The penetration of IoT into different areas of life is inevitable, because it is a technology that brings comfort and economy. The most valuable resource of the XXI century is time, and the technology of the Internet of Things is precisely aimed at freeing people from routine tasks and give them time for more important things: creativity, communication, inventions.

Devices connected to the Internet give people more freedom and opportunities to use resources efficiently. Already today, they help to optimize the consumption of light, water and heat, and thus save on utility bills. Businesses have come to understand that the Internet of Things provides an undeniable competitive advantage in various industries. Therefore, the use of one form or another of IoT in business becomes more of a necessity than a desire to use modern technologies in the digital world.

According to the PwC Digital IQ® global survey, IoT is ranked first among eight breakthrough technologies that can change the business models of companies or entire industries, outpacing artificial intelligence, augmented reality, drones, blockheads and more.

According to Gartner, with the widespread use of meters, the utility industry is becoming the largest user of IoT devices. Consumption of smart devices for home and the utilities segment is expected to grow by 17% to 1.4 billion devices in 2020. Building automation, which includes connected lighting, garbage disposal and security will be the number 1 driver for next year's consumption of smart devices.

Among the initiatives that cities will spend the most money on as part of the Smart City project are intelligent power systems, fixed video surveillance, modern public transport, intelligent outdoor lighting and intelligent traffic management.

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