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The ventilation system in the house is a vital engineering system

The simplest and, in some cases, sufficient, may be the system of natural supply and exhaust ventilation. So that the house has something to breathe for the living people and animals, so that mold and fungi do not start, so that extraneous odors are removed, it is required in the process of developing a building construction project to be extremely careful about the HVAC section (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). We think it will be extremely unpleasant for the Customer, who has invested a lot of money and nerves in the construction of his brainchild (house), to encounter during the operation (residence) of the building with the presence of foreign odors in the living quarters.

Only a forced supply and exhaust ventilation system will be able to provide a comfortable temperature and purity of the supply air, and correct removal of the exhaust air. Such a system is a rather complex engineering solution for a ventilation system that requires professional design and installation. You can organize such a system with your own hands, but there is an insane amount of nuances in the calculation: the frequency of air exchange, air speed, and hence the presence of noise in the air duct system, the cross-sections of the same air ducts, the dimensions of the air distributors and their correct location, the absence or, conversely, the presence air overflow due to pressure differences and much more.

Summing up the selection of ventilation equipment, we must remember that this choice should be trusted by professionals. As for the "do-it-yourself" ventilation systems, we must also take into account the installation of the ventilation system, which also has its own nuances and features, not to mention the installation of the automation system, all kinds of sensors and control panels. Correctly performed commissioning works should give the result expected by the Customer - comfort and freshness.

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