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TABS is the new way to assemble buildings

How to construct a building so that you'll later save money from heating costs and continuous repairs of the regular HVAC-systems? It's a question that can be answered thoroughly enough within 60 seconds. Ready? Read on.

TABS or thermally activated building systems save energy into building structure for cooling and heating the building, so that's always secured with enough thermal output.

The system stores heat and cold at night for using it later when the residents operate inside.

For doing that, the technology utilizes unique pipes embedded in concrete structures. Water flow through pipes affects the whole building at once, which means that there is no obligation for an individual room temperature control.

This smart approach saves space, helps to reduce the carbon level, and controls the energy costs compared to common HVAC-systems. Of course, thermally activated building systems technology has to be built and managed only by professionals.

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