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Save the heat for your pool!

Warm weather is excellent, but you need an air-conditioning to enjoy it to the max! This case is strongly apparent in the sunny regions, where a lot of homes and villas are air-conditioned.

Let's go even further and admit that no house in a warm climate area is constructed or renovated without the system. It's a fantastic feature, but a common issue is that extra heat from the cooling process is simply thrown out. Future Home Systems® offers now a service that uses the remaining energy to heat your pool. How? Take time and keep reading!

As a unique technological solution, the heat generated from the swimming pool's and building's heating and cooling devices warms the pool up again. Besides, extra energy also warms the house, so the whole concept is a renewable energy solution.

Of course, such a system does not always fulfill the need for cooling the house or heating needed in the pool. That's why heating and cooling plants still need to be calculated and equipped with the correct solution.

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