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Make your home cost-efficient with aerothermia!

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Let's talk about numbers and make one thing 100% clear: you can easily save over 65% of an energy bill, and it's not a joke. How? Solutions like aerothermia have a better effect on your wallet and nature compared to other popular climate systems. But what is aerothermal technology exactly?

Aerothermia takes the energy contained in the air and turns it into energy used for heating and cooling the rooms. Besides, the system also generates comfortably domestic hot water. Because approximately 75% of energy comes from the air, it's a sustainable form of energy since it doesn't cause direct CO2 emissions. Thanks to its smart technology, it's estimated that using aerothermia, it's possible to save over 65% of an energy bill. The whole system can be controlled through Smart Home System using 3G 4G or WLAN.

As an intelligent and secure system, it's also quite care-free, which means that it doesn't require constant support. When it needs maintenance, the FUTURE HOME SYSTEMS® support team will handle it. We have the experience and knowledge in planning, constructing, and taking care of the whole system later.

Now, take a moment and think through all your costs for cooling and heating. It's sure that with aerothermal technology, you can save more for sure.

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