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Zero-energy buildings are the future

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Zero. Some say it's not a number. It has no value or significant role compared to other figures. This kind of folktale is, fortunately, nonsense because zero has a purpose in modern building technologies.

For example, let's talk about zero-energy buildings. FUTURE HOME SYSTEMS knows everything about planning designing and creating these advanced constructions that implement efficient technologies that use little energy and contribute less gas to the atmosphere. This approach is getting more and more popular throughout Europe, and new European Union laws also support it.

EU is actively pushing towards zero-energy buildings. All the members of the union have to cut emissions by 80% by 2050. Besides, all the new structures must have zero or very low emissions already in 2020. So if you're reading this text at the moment and haven't started thinking about zero-energy building in your field, you're already late!

Modern solutions for homes and offices must form an entirety. In addition to zero-energy building technology, FUTURE HOME SYSTEMS team offers different kinds of smart technologies like foundation energy piles and thermally activated building systems. TABS stores energy into building structure for cooling and heating the building, so that it's always secured with enough thermal output. Our team has installed these innovative technologies in many buildings in Europe. The most recent is a Telia commercial building in Tallinn, which uses energy pillar technology. Read more about it here:

FUTURE HOME SYSTEMS maintains everything later so that you don't have to worry about it. As you see, zero has a meaning for us in the industry. Without zero-energy buildings, the future would look a lot darker with pressure on the environment and nature. When living or working in a structure that implements these modern technologies, one might say that it lives in the future. Contact FUTURE HOME SYSTEMS, and we'll take you there too!

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