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Internet of Things (IoT) Trends in 2020.

The Internet of things is one of the most attractive phenomena of industrialization 4.0. IoT technology has evolved to the point where all industry segments use it to automate business operations or review workflows. With the growing reliance on devices connected to IoT, you need to know how this technology develops in 2020.

According to Statista, by the end of 2020 there will be more than 30.73 billion IoT devices in the world. This means that we are entering the next decade with a new ecosystem based on digital technology. IoT can improve productivity while reducing the risk of human error. Thus, more and more companies are striving to use this technology for growth. Will 2020, so complex and uncertain, be the starting point of the IoT revolution? Let's look at some of the IoT trends that will dominate.

1. IoT in supply chains, healthcare and retail

The IoT concept will be developed for its better use in various fields. One of the main predictions for IoT - retail, supply chains and the healthcare industry will experience the greatest growth. The retail industry will revive its customer experience with the Internet of Things, combined with Beacons and artificial intelligence.

2. Multilingual voice assistant

All over the world, people have a lot of bilinguals, therefore, they definitely speak two languages. But with virtual assistants, this, alas, is not so - because they allow you to search in one language. Currently, the first multilingual voice assistant has appeared in the Google Assistant.

3. Self Driving Car Development

This dream has come true: autonomous vehicles will increasingly be found on the roads! This technology has been previously visualized; however, it is still being tested, although several partially automated vehicles have been driving on the road for several years.

You may be familiar with some of the automated features of the BMW7 series, such as automatic parking and so on. Similarly, some other car companies are also testing this wonderful driverless technology, which we can predict will be one of the most important trends this year.

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