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Installing solar panels: 3 unexpected factors to consider

The advantages of solar-powered residential buildings are clear:

- the sun's energy is infinite,

- provides clean energy,

- no greenhouse gas emissions, and this can save people money on their electric bills.

But there are factors to consider when deciding on solar energy.

1. Roof orientation

The energy efficiency of the photo panels depends on the illumination of direct sunlight. This effect is typical for the southern roof slope. Approximately the same indicator is achieved by the location of the panels on the south-east and south-west slopes. When planning a solar power plant, it is necessary to take into account nearby houses and tall trees, which can shade the panels installed on the roof, and therefore reduce the efficiency of the entire solar system.

2. Surroundings

The ideal condition for mid-latitudes is the location of the panels at an angle of 45⁰. If the roof slope is tilted up or down, then additional fasteners will have to be used to obtain the optimal position of the panels.

3. Seasons and daylight hours

Since the energy output of photocells directly depends on the illumination, its maximum is typical for a summer cloudless day. In spring and autumn, with a decrease in the length of daylight hours and during the period of prolonged rains, the indicator noticeably decreases, and in winter it is minimal.

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