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IDA Indoor Climate and Energy

IDA Indoor Climate and Energy (IDA ICE) is Building Performance Simulation (BPS) software. IDA ICE is an application for simulating multispectral and dynamic studies of indoor climate phenomena and energy use. The implemented models are up-to-date, and many studies show that simulation results and measured data compare well.

The IDA ICE user interface makes it easy to create simple cases, but also offers the flexibility to drill down into complex studies. Many inputs are adapted to local requirements such as climate data, material data, system components, or results reports.

The IDA ICE can be used for complete energy and design studies including enclosures, systems, installations and control strategies. An equation-based approach can solve more complex mathematical problems than software using imperative programming languages.

IDA ICE outputs include tables, charts, reports and graphs. 3D renderings (both photographs and animations) show geometry, sun shadows, color-coded inputs, and results. The arrow animation in 3D visualizes the flow of ventilated air, the energy balance of the window and the wind flow. Special reports for LEED submission forms included. Chart plots are vector graphics that allow you to analyze the results in detail in custom reports. Results can be exported to Microsoft Word or Excel. The IDA ICE model for one zone with default systems includes a total of approximately 2,000 time-dependent variables, any of which can be plotted.

We also have knowledge in Building Performance Simulation (BPS), improved Building Automation System (BAS) and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. The FUTURE HOME SYSTEMS team are more than happy to share our professional experience about them all, so contact us!

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