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Geothermal technology saves funds and space

Today we'll give you a good tip on how to save some money from your energy bills. It's easy when you use geothermal energy to supply rooms with heating and cooling. More thoroughly, geothermia saves approximately 40-50% percent of energy bills and valuable room when assembling a house. Furthermore, it conserves nature around us. These are remarkable numbers and facts, but let's get professional and talk about this modern technology a bit more.

When aerothermal power comes from the air surrounding us, then geothermal systems use the energy found beneath us. What does it mean? The heat comes from close Earth layers. More precisely, different devices and pumps take it from the groundwater, and when the process is over, the cold water goes back. Even when the temperatures below change, rooms stay heated or cooled thanks to FUTURE HOME SYSTEMS® geothermal technology, which also generates domestic hot water.

FUTURE HOME SYSTEMS® offers and later maintains the whole system that can be controlled through Smart Home System using 3G 4G or WLAN.

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