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Choosing a ventilation system for the future home.

The choice of the ventilation system for the future home is a very important task for the developer. Improperly organized ventilation can have negative consequences not only for people, but also for the home. Insufficient oxygen, excess carbon dioxide, and high air humidity in unventilated rooms cause drowsiness, headaches, decreased mental performance and inability to concentrate. The low oxygen content in the indoor air adversely affects not only the well-being of people, but also the operation of boilers, gas stoves, fireplaces, that is, all devices that use oxygen in the combustion process.


+ organization of air flow by ventilation without additional costs;

+ saves health by preventing air pollutants and mold from appearing;

+ helps to avoid a moisture and keeps rooms dry enough;

+ provides oxygen for metabolism and to dilute metabolic pollutants like carbon dioxide and odour;

+ cleans the air from bacteria and viruses

We have experience and knowledge in planning, constructing and taking care of the whole system later, so contact us about ventilation that you deserve!

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