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Allergy control technology.

Did you know that ordinary street air is saturated not only with dust, but also with a huge amount of harmful elements. Moreover, polluted air in a residential area is much more dangerous than that outside the house. The organization for the protection of the environment reports that indoor air pollution is five times higher than ambient air pollution, which leads to an increase in the incidence of allergies and all kinds of lung diseases.

Today, thanks to the latest developments in the field of air cleaning technology, this problem is quite easy to solve. The most popular is the mechanical filtration air purifier. The quality of air purification will depend on the size of the filter cells. On the simplest purifiers, filters for coarse air purification are installed, such filters are a plastic mesh with foam rubber and clean the air from coarse dust, wool and hair. More expensive models are equipped with bacteria-impregnated filters for better air purification and destruction of bacteria. The presence of a charcoal filter in the purifier will eliminate unpleasant odors, including tobacco smoke.

The next model is the air purifier ionizer. This model may include various filters, but mainly air purification is carried out by ionization. With the help of an electric charge, oxygen molecules in contact with electrons receive a negative charge. In nature, negatively charged ions arise during a thunderstorm. In addition, the ionizer air purifier has a beneficial effect on health, increasing immunity and performance.

Air washers are another type of device used for air purification. Thanks to the hydro-filtration technology, the water through which the air passes literally flushes out all the dirt. Dirt settles in the pallet, and purified and humidified air comes out of the device into the room.

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