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Air conditioning: innovative ventilation systems

Despite significant energy consumption, commercial HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) systems remain insufficiently reliable. Some structures do not always guarantee air conditioning at the proper level. Since a significant proportion of HVACs only treat the outside air, pollutants still enter buildings. The situation is aggravated when UWC facilities are located close to heavy industry manufacturing facilities or close to busy highways. Therefore, more and more often the focus is on innovative ventilation systems for air conditioning, where filtration reaches 100%.

Thus, using patented sorbents to remove molecular contaminants (including carbon dioxide and formaldehyde), modern ventilation and air conditioning systems process the air in a better quality way even before it is supplied inside the premises.

Minimization of processing naturally leads to savings in electrical energy (on average by 20%) by reducing the load on the HVAC up to 40%.

The so-called molecular air purification technology additionally removes the pollution of the working environment that is already circulating inside the premises. This reduces the volume of air supplied from outside for conditioning, and provides a better control of the contents of the internal atmosphere.

Future Home Systems has an experience and knowledge in planning, constructing and taking care of the whole system later, so contact us about ventilation that you deserve!

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